Safety & Comfort

Friends of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens wants your visit to be safe and enjoyable. Please be considerate of others while in the park and abide by all regulations.

Anacostia River

Do not swim in the Anacostia River. During heavy rains, raw sewage enters the river and creates a significant hazard to swimmers in the form of bacteria that can be found in the water, especially after rainstorms.  For kayakers and canoeists, know that the bottom is mucky in many places.

General Etiquette

Hikers, strollers, joggers, birdwatchers, and young children share the pond paths and embankments, boardwalk and river trail. Bikes may be walked on the trails and paths or locked at the visitor center. To avoid conflicts, please be respectful of your fellow visitors. Please stay on the paths and boardwalk while in the park. Doing so will minimize erosion and disturbance of sensitive plants and wildlife. Efforts to maintain and improve our trails are ongoing throughout the park; you can help this effort by observing trail signs and regulations.

Keep in mind that visitors are prohibited from removing rocks, plants, or artifacts from the park. This is essential to ensure that Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens maintains its historical and ecological character for future generations to enjoy.

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens challenges visitors to leave the park a "Trash Free Park." If you bring something into the park, please take it with you when you leave. There are very few trash cans available.

Natural Hazards

Poison ivy can often be found growing along the paths and boardwalk and in other disturbed areas of the park. Also, ticks may hitch a ride on clothing or exposed skin if you explore in or near tall-grass areas. Always do a post-hike check on both yourself and your dog. Keeping to established trails will minimize your exposure to these hazards.

Pet Etiquette

Dogs are welcome throughout the park, however they must be kept on 6' (six foot) or shorter leashes to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our visitors and to protect the park's flora and fauna. Dog owners are also expected to collect and remove their pets' waste.